Alchemy Magazine is deducted to keeping  readers up to date with the leading world news on technology, medical breakthrough, world sciences and the Elite visionaries around the world. We at Alchemy is focused on the improvement of our beautiful world, and it’s preservation. cropped-cropped-1cc0de72cdf6415c1346047af481b9e8.jpgWe believe that we are now entering into the “New World” where man’s dreams are becoming realities, where the battle against some of the most deadly diseases such as cancer, HIV and many others are drawing to an end, human’s victorious.

We are entering into the decade of ultimate equality, we see this in gender neutrals, the reviewing and updating of rights to homosexuals and others of alternative lifestyles.

We experience the change and progress every time we use our mobile phones and computers. Our televisions are now capable of going online and being used as a computers, thanks to Samsung smart technology.

samsung-transparent-laptop                                              Public transports in England such as buses and trains now include Free Wifi and battery charging ports allocated to each seats. The flying car has now been perfected and is reportedly due to go on sale in 2017

image         The architectural structures in our societies have also taken on futuristic shapes, and designs.

There are now virtual medical assistance and doctors both on the web as well as holographic in hospitals . We do just about everything electronically. hologram-nurse-launch-018          Hologram Nurse being introduced at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital England.

bp3315617el131008tree-1 Main shopping center in Birmingham England. The Bullring.

cropped-p-9.jpeg    An Achetec designing an engine, using hologram technology.                                                     The way we work is changing, and we want to ensure no one gets left behind.



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