The Pope opens Castel Gandolfo to the public.

Imagine being surrounded by beautiful forest and undisturbed nature that stretches for miles, the beautiful blue eye of the neighbouring lake Albano,the many songs of the mountain, and a culture so rich in religion that the Pope himself decided to live there.


If you are looking for something new, something cleansing, a new birth type of holiday, then this one is for you. The Pope has open the doors of Castel Gandolfo Italy to the public.  castel-gandolfo6-a

Vatican Museum Director and manager of the tour Antonio Paulucci gave us an insight of what to expect on visit “Whoever crosses the threshold of the Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo will encounter pure beauty,”p-2

Antonio continue …. “Reaching the great terrace they will see below the blue eye of the lake and the mountains covered with intact forests that surround it,” he said. “Crossing the room of the Apostolic Apartment they will hear the buzz of history and think of the emotion and wonder, but also of the gratitude that each visitor will have for this unexpected gift from the Pope.”


During the summer season Castel Gandolfo was favoured by Pope Benedict XVI and popes before him, however it has not been used since the election of Pope Francis who prefers Rome as his summer choice.


The doors of Gandolfo were open to journalists on oct. 24 2016, in the pressence of Antonio Paolucci Directer of Pontifical Villa Osvaldo Gianoli, and the Historical Collections of the Vatican Museums Curator Sandro Barballo.





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